Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bended Roof House in Netherlands

This chic bended roof house by Netherlands architects GAAGA takes a conventional concept and gives it a contemporary, abstract twist: the curved roof is modeled after a traditional saddle roof, only inverted to dip at the center. The V-shaped house roof may be its claim to fame, but interiors are just as innovative as the unusual exterior. The exposed-wood ceilings are showcased with open-to-above and two-storey living spaces. The open concept home features a main-floor entrance hall with views of the garden and street. And check out this loft design idea – housing the den, kitchen and dining area, this great living space overlooks the main floor and is flooded with daylight through the home’s strategically placed windows and skylights. Wood and stone throughout give this house a friendly, “homey” feel. GAAGA
via Arch Daily
photo credit: Marcel van der Burg

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