Saturday, July 30, 2011

Fabulous Bathtubs - Charme by Nuvist

Made of a single continuous shape, the Charme fabulous bathtub by Nuvist seems ‘oh so’ inviting. Extreme comfort is promised due to the design of the unbroken form, which provides support for the back, arms and legs. The water jets can be controlled by a series of buttons built into the armrests – so that custom relaxation and water preferences are always at your fingertips. It’s ergonomic, functional and gorgeously modern, a great addition to any contemporary space and current busy lifestyle. Learn more about the Charme bathtub created by Turkish architecture and design studio – Nuvist.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Urban Kitchen Ideas by Euromobil

Euromobil’s new IT-IS kitchen line inspires urban kitchen ideas for the modern home. Made in Italy, these kitchens come in different versions to suit any contemporary scheme whether it is playful, elegant or sharp. Their look is quite unique and very urban. What they all have in common are confident, flowing lines, finely crafted details and state of the art technologies. The drawer fronts have an oblique edge for easy grip, patented by Euromobil themselves. They are built functionally and strongly and they look amazing. What a joy it would be to work in such a kitchen. Learn more
at Euromobil.

Wood Wall Tiles by QuadroLegno – square Elite

At QuadroLegno, wood is king – and their Elite wood wall tiles are a very impressive member of that royal family. Passionate about wood, design, research and innovation, the Italian company strives to push the envelope when it comes to creating and producing wood wall tiles. The Elite tiles demonstrate this well. They can also be used for floors for an equally striking and luxurious effect ... though the square tile shape is not one that initially pops into mind when thinking about wood floors. The designs for the three lines in the collection, Elite Charme, Elite Graphic and Elite Presige, are highly original and quite unique. The Charme line emphasizes the raw natural beauty of the grain of wood being used. The Graphic line uses engraved designs in high or bas-relief to create interesting tiles for a dramatic effect. The Prestige line is about walnut burl or crotch parquets, available in centered or irregular versions, with an almost marble appearance that boast a classical and timeless glamour. VisitQuadroLegno to see more.

Patio House Plans in Sydney, Australia

Australian architects Corben Architects are the brains behind this stunning patio house plan in Sydney, Australia. This modern glass wall house features sliding shades that, like its windows, can be opened fully to dissolve any barriers between indoors and out. On the other side of the glass, patios and outdoor entertaining areas encircle the home, extending living areas into the great outdoors. Interiors are cool and clean, combining natural elements like wood and stone, with contemporary design. A massive fireplace feature is the focal point on the main floor of this open concept house plan – a little healthy competition for the breathtaking views outside. Corben Architects

Play House Architecture in Tokyo, Japan

 This play house architecture is something to be seen! Japanese architecture firm LEVEL Architects are the brains behind this compact house in Tokyo, Japan. This contemporary style home is any kid’s dram house come true, modeled after a playhouse and complete with a slide, ready whisk you down through its three levels. Of course, this unusual house plan is equipped with stairs, if you’re not that adventurous or would care to make your way up at some point. The small house design features play rooms, reading areas, even a ball room that’s sure to keep the kids – little and big! – busy. The interiors are modern and minimalist, acting as a blank slate to let their imaginations run wild. LEVEL Architects

Friday, July 22, 2011

Luxury Farmhouse Plan in New York Countryside

This luxury farmhouse plan by multi-award-winning architecture firm Bates Masi Architects proves it’s all in the details. Located in a peaceful spot in East Hampton, New York, this countryside farmhouse is a sweet retreat for family and friends who come to connect with loved ones and nature. Made for socializing and hanging out solo, the luxury timber house was planned as a series of spaces, interconnected via a network of hallways. Each space has its own distinct functions and quirks. The glazed main living area is a fabulous, light-filled space surrounded by breathtaking views in every direction. A coffee table shifts shapes, allowing for different configurations and three looks, all in one. The kitchen is a chef’s dream, and check out the cool “wine wall” – an artistic feature that stores your wine on one side, while on the other, a frosted clear wall offers a glimpse of their red and white silhouettes. The bedroom boasts a rich, patterned wood wall behind the bed, echoing the wood wall feature in the upper reaches of the two-storey living room. This rooftop garden house is topped with an outdoor entertaining area – an ode to nature and architecture, all at once. Bates Masi Architects
via Contemporist

Small Home Design Idea by naturehumaine

Canadian architects naturehumaine are the brains behind this small home design in Montreal, Canada. The owners idea was to make more of the existing 800-sq.-ft. compact home design, but site and regulation constraints meant a second storey or a rear addition were out of the question. The architects came up with a creative renovation solution to make this bungalow-style house work. By creating split levels, they achieved the desired separation of floors and living spaces, while staying within the required building guidelines. The design purposely left many of the materials in their raw state, offering a rustic house style to this urban house plan. Exposed ceiling planks and warm wood floors provide the perfect contrast and balance to the white walls industrial-chic details. This small house design is indeed larger than life. naturehumaine
via Contemporist

Open Floor Plan Decorating: minimalism

Living in an open floor plan can pose some interesting decorating dilemmas. One must think about storage, functionality and coherent style while trying to harmoniously designate different areas of living space without the help of walls. This three floor house design with an open floor plan is a fantastic example of how this can all be achieved in a modern, minimalist style. The fundamental color palette is neutral and monochromatic making use of black and white, grey, brown and beige. Pops of color are introduced with soft furnishings, like those lovely sofa pillows, and art work. To help delineate different areas, they make use of a wooden box like structure, which also helps with storage, and simpler items such as area rugs. This lovely home was designed by NAT Achitecten.
Photos: Peter Cuypers

The T Residence in Japan by Kidosaki Architects Studio

This house has a site area 875.20m2, 196.09m2 Built area and 372.89m2 of total floor area. Residence was designed by architects Studio E Kidosaki, located in Japan

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Funky Armchair by Bruehl – Dive

Meet Dive – a little funky armchair by Bruehl. With a pointed back and wing-like armrests, the armchairs are definitely attention grabbers. The design is unusual but unique, giving it a certain flair that cold be defined as ‘hip elegance’. The chair’s form is straightforward and clean with nice simple curves that give it its edge. Dive would be perfectly at home in a modern contemporary room – adding visual interest in a neutral color, or stealing the show with a bold pattern or colorful fabric. And on top of all that, it seems to promise comfort – which is essential for a good armchair, right? Visit Bruehl to learn more about the Dive armchair.

Beautiful Chandelier by Metallux – Astro

This beautiful chandelier, called Astro by Metalux, is perfect for those looking to make some bold lighting choices that still make an elegant statement. It’s a big chandelier, that’s for sure, but its soft and delicate quality allows it to be oversized without being overwhelmingly inappropriate. It’s just simply stunning. Astro is a suspended light whose structure is made of gleaming chrome metal and copper or can also be plated in 24kt gold. It is decorated with one hundred lilac colored glass pieces – enhancing its magical twinkle. Be sure to visit Metallux to find out more.

Adjustable Childrens Desk by Guillaume Bouvet

The AZ adjustable childrens desk by French designer Guillaume Bouvet is gonna school you on style. This "evolutionary expression" as described by his company, "follows children in their growth." As their needs change so does the form and function of the desk. In one position, a magnetic blackboard becomes the canvas for creativity, or flip the blackboard down and it becomes a desktop, perfect for reading, writing, drawing, crafts and puzzles. The desktop itself is adjustable, taking the kids from toddler to teen, A to Z, in one ultra-functional design. Check it out by visiting Guillaume Bouvet.

Green Roof Architecture, Singapore Style

Here’s a fab example of modern green roof architecture, Singapore style! Designed by Guz Architects, this green house sits on the island of Sentosa adjacent to Singapore, enjoying stunning city views on the horizon, and sweet serenity right in its own backyard. The architects placed a wall on each side of the home, providing privacy from the neighboring properties. All that’s left to enjoy are the breathtaking views, whether it’s from the outdoor living rooms and terraces, the indoor-outdoor areas, the roof top loft, or the water features. A central staircase takes you up a central light-filled stairwell and leads to the piece de resistance – the loft design idea with walkout to the second-storey garden, while itself featuring its own rooftop garden, creating the intimate feeling of single-storey living on every level. Now, that’s thinking outside the box. Guz Architects
via Contemporist
photo credit: Patrick Bingham Hall

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Corten Steel Fireplaces by Zeno

Zeno outdoor fireplaces are made of Corten steel and ideal for revamping and bringing a special atmosphere to your outdoor space. The beauty of Corten steel is that it does not rust – perfect to be placed in your garden, on your patio or veranda.

 Apart from looking great, the stoves are also equipped with a perforated bottom plate on which a Zeno grill can be placed. So your cozy, comfortable fireplace can be easily turned into a spot for a gourmet grilling feast. Zeno make their fireplaces in a variety of shapes and sizes, one of which is sure to be right at home in your backyard. Visit Zeno for more details.