Monday, May 30, 2011

Modular Desert House in California

This long and lean, modular desert house in California is clearly inspired by its backdrop – the straight, unending horizon. Designed by Marmol Radziner, this linear home seems to go on and on, a feeling enhanced by its straight roofline. Alternating among the 2,000 sq. ft. of indoor living areas is another 2,000 sq. ft. of sheltered outdoor living rooms and outdoor entertaining areas that make the most of these breathtaking mountains and San Jacinto peak. This modular house includes four “house” modules and six “deck” modules. These particular modules feature steel panels, but are also available in wood, metal and glass. The architects also make the most of another desert home best – the sun, with its passive solar technology. The L-shaped layout allows for private yet connected living areas while also creating a sheltered courtyard area – a veritable oasis in the desert, complete with a fire pit and a swimming pool. Swoon! Marmol Radziner
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photo credit: Joe Fletcher Photography

Zero Energy House Design Blends Fashion and Function

This zero energy house design by German architects AMUNT stands out as much for its striking exterior as for its smart inner workings. This contemporary style home, designed for two adults and four kids (a full house indeed!) satisfies the owners’ desire for both fashion and function. Made mainly of wood, chosen both for its energy- and cost-efficient qualities, this sustainable house features three staggered floors with every living space designed to allow for multi-purpose use – yet another efficient element in this smart design! Natural-finish wood on floors, ceilings and walls adds a rustic yet refined aesthetic. Floor-to-ceiling windows and a glass wall facade promote passive solar heating and day-lighting throughout. This courtyard home plan includes a great outdoor entertaining area complete with an alfresco kitchen and barbecue area! AMUNT
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photo credit: Brigida

Canopy House Designs: Home of Wakayama

This cool canopy house design by Japanese architecture firm Yoshio Oono Architect & Associates is wrapped up in its roof – literally. The home’s brightly colored canopy encloses the interior, leaving triangular openings in its massive orange shell. Peek inside and you’ll discover the open concept house plan is bright and airy. Enter through sliding glass doors, which open the home to the outdoor entertaining areas – actually, they turn it into one! And thanks to the canopy, the house enjoys this open aesthetic yet still offers relative privacy. Full of character at every turn, this home certainly has its quirks. The wood ceilings give the main floor a warm, homey aesthetic, while upstairs the feeling is bright, airy and open. Yoshio Oono Architect & Associates
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Eco Affordable Homes – Green in More Ways Than One

This eco affordable home is “green” in more ways than one! Designed by Case Architects, the eco home dubbed “Columbia City Green” features a funky green facade made of high-recycled-content siding, paving the way for an eclectic, contemporary interior where nature and the outdoor views take center stage. Wood floors and exposed wood beams are a perfect complement to the sweeping vistas framed by expansive windows throughout. Set on a hillside, this slope house plan features a cantilevered volume that seems to launch you right into nature, visible through the floor-to-ceiling glass walls. This open-concept house plan lets you enjoy the outdoors from any point in the home, but nothing beats the rooftop garden accessible through the bedroom’s sliding-glass doors – the best seat in the house, in our humble opinion. Featuring negative and edible landscaping, and organic plant beds, this is our idea of a “green” garden! Case Architects

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Angled Bookshelf Design

Do you know how important quality that we can categorize home for comfort. A beauty that can be created because the benefits of function that is good quality. Strange indeed but harmony and interior decoration is very interdependent. The results that we can share from a view falls to a value that can give a good impression will be a masterpiece.
Some of us will understand once stability between it all, but for those of you who do not know what if we learn to gain knowledge of something that we can use. Various shapes and colors are very influenced by the result of a combination that can make our values to get better. Decorating a room with furniture will attract stand with sturdy and character.
Angled Bookshelf is the perfect place for those of you who want a framework that will make you into one of beauty. With the ideal shape will help you to make your home that will surely look stunning. Bookshelf angled deliberately made with features that are suitable for storing books or small ornament store. Bookshelf angled been designed by David Ngo.
Bookshelf angled itself is designed for those of you who really loved to collect book that the current trend. Something will come with other nuances that can indeed help us to be better than ever. Angled Bookshelf is made of wood as an environmentally friendly material that is easy for maintenance and lying.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Contemporary Dwelling House Built on Logic

A contemporary dwelling built on … logic! That’s right folks! It looks great but the secret to the success of this smart design is in its efficiently designed spaces. This 2,700-sq.-ft. house by Studio Twenty Seven Architecture is an open concept house plan with living areas connected by a series of hallways and bridges stretching across two-storey spaces – an industrial-chic element we love! The contemporary style complements this unconventional, unexpected layout. The home’s public and private spaces have a very deliberate flow, clearly a well thought-out floor plan. “The result is a contemporary dwelling designed using rigorous programming and critical logic to carefully evaluate the function and efficiency of every element within the home.” Studio Twenty Seven Architecture
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Sloping Roof House Design in Belgium

Standing tall on a peaceful pastoral backdrop, this striking, sloping roof house design in Belgium is a beacon of modern design. This slanted unusual home designed by architecture firm MDMA stands out among its surroundings, thanks to a shape that seems to break through the soil. But on the other hand, this contemporary-style home's earthenware-inspired palette of grey-brown shingles and rust-colored panels really blends beautifully with the surrounding farms, fields and earth. Interiors are much the same; ultra-modern concepts, an open floor plan and contemporary finishes blending with natural wood and wide open vistas, all under a sloping roof. MDMA
Photo credit: Filip Dujardin
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Coffee Table with Storage

Sometimes we so busy with our jobs paying less attention to our bodies to rest. Indeed important work but do not get too spend your time to work all day. Give some time for your mind and body take a break by listening to a song or sit sipping fresh air. Usually busy people rest by making a cup of coffee and enjoy it with a broad view. Recently an architect has created a coffee table for those of you who really love to drink coffee for a break. Indeed delicious with the aroma of coffee while chatting with others to discuss topics that are hot lately. The Coffee Table with Storage makes you to ensure that you do need your time for a moment to relax while enjoying your favorite coffee.
A coffee table is very common but with a Coffee Table with Storage I thought it would be very interesting with unique appearance. You can put it in the living room or in a corner of your room while enjoying the views that surround your home. With the operation of a unique table that can make your room into a complete and stable. Color that does have characteristic black cash it makes your room a warm presence. According to his needs, the Coffee Table with Storage has other function like to store your magazines and arrange your room to look nice. A feature that is simple but has a relatively high artistic value you can bring home the table is priced at $ 799.

Dual Purpose Lamp Design

Beauty and uniqueness of an object is not only seen from the shape but of function and quality. If you also have the same of think like me? If yes then you are one smart person to select an item. With brilliant and creative ideas, the lamp designer trying to draw our attention for the dual purpose. Harmony of form and the uniqueness of the value and quality are the driving factors for us wanting a good. The amount is too drained and multi-functional bag that makes us think twice to reject this one. If you are super busy people who sometimes you forget or put your goods in any place so sometimes you forget the existence of this dual lamp design.
Dual purpose lamp design I think it use very well. This lamp is designed for characters who like to put small items are easily tucked and difficult to find. Dual lamp design provides a unique place around like a suitable place to store watches, glasses, usb, or objects that you use everyday. With multi-function lamp design in the interest of many people a lot easier for you to store goods and illuminate the room.
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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recycled Wood Cottage in Chile

welcome home” is the feeling you get in this recycled wood cottage by Juan Luis Martinez Nahuel. Located on a steep hillside about an hour’s drive from Panguipulli, Chile, the wood-clad cottage blends beautifully with its woody surroundings. This home also embraces its “roots” indoors, where nature and comfort and key. “Cozy” and “eclectic” are words that come to mind with the rustic cabin look and hand-me-down feel of the recycled wood used to construct and finish the cottage. The massive fireplace is a welcomed imposition, surrounded by glass to lend interiors that outdoors feeling. Floor-to-ceiling folding glass walls, framed in natural wood, open onto an outdoor sheltered deck that runs the length of the home, offering a fabulous outdoor entertaining area in any weather. Juan Luis Martinez Nahuel.
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Photos by Juan Luis Martinez Nahuel

Outdoor Pavilion Design with Mirrors

Check out this outdoor pavilion design with mirrors, it certainly caught our eye! You’d imagine that an abode for an artist would have to be something really special, and you’d be right! This outdoor studio by Amsterdam-based architects DHL Architecture makes an inspiring – and inspired! – workplace with a playful side. Indeed, this futuristic finish gives the pavilion a funhouse appeal. Wondering about the views? You may not get a conventional view of what surrounds the home, but this building’s irregular shape centers around a private interior courtyard, visible and accessible through transparent walls. DHL Architecture
photo credit: Thomas Lenden

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Multifunction Desk Design

Various forms of the table have been created to meet our needs. Ranging is from the office desks, dining table and others. One of the unique designs is created the office table by Marcel Breuer. He designed the multifunction desk with unusual materials and called the steel tube. This steel tube of Marcel Breuer’s desk is a good example of the programmatic demands of the Bauhaus art and technology combined in a single formal unit.

This multifunction desk design harmoniously integrates the tabletop and the elements to save the objects painted or stained wood. The support frame consists of a single line. the wooden elements seem to float in it. This multifunction desk and formal in its proportions represents a very significant period in modern history, known as the New Objectivity.

Adams Fleming Residence in Toronto, Canada

Reside in a beautiful house, of course, become ideal for everyone. The house has a terrace and a large yard was the most searched. The atmosphere around the house is also become an important factor in choosing the location of residence. If the environment where we lived is quiet, then we also will like and comfortable there.
In Toronto, Canada there is a house that may be a dream for everyone. Beautiful and comfortable house is named Adams Fleming residence and designed by architects Levitt Goodman. This house has a modern design and combined with modern furniture also. In addition to the common room, this house also has an outdoor dining room, gardens and swimming pool.

Unique Futuristic Design Canna Water Clock Furniture

Time is money. Time is clock. Clock is a stuff to know about the time. We always see a clock in every house, we always look at the clock if we want to go school, office, or hang out and always look at the clock before go back to our home. Today there are many clock furniture design that easily find for our house, but sometimes we find a unique design of clock furniture that very interesting.
If you have a modern home design , water clock furniture or we called Canna is the best clock furniture design for you. Modern, tradition, unique and futuristic design mix becomes an amazing clock furniture. Canna water clock works by filling water in the tube from left to right. This stuff is also appropriate for office or business.

Ecological Design Futuristic House Architecture Concept

Like any good sustainable house design ZeroHouse has all kinds of organic sections, but there’s often many designs green homes often fails and sometimes seems at odds with sustainability and that looks really amazing. Ecological strategies and house architecture concept are balanced with beautiful prefabricated materials, colors and finishes.

The futuristic ecological house architecture was setup to collects solar energy and can store up to consume a week. It also collects rainwater in a cistern of 10 thousand liters. The isolation and natural light are used to balance the internal temperatures and maximize thermal performance from the outside of the futuristic eco-home.

The ecological house design has everything you need for an existing long-term or long-term home design, including a living room, kitchen, bathroom, two bedrooms and a covered terrace. Everything in the futuristic zerohouse is automatic, with controls accessible from a central laptop.

This futuristic house architecture seem to be the trends that are worn on green home design, build houses to gain the maximum advantage of versatile materials, prefabricated parts and other sustainable design strategies while maximizing the style ZeroHouse futuristic eco-home, comfort and livability.

Charming Apartment Interior Contemporary DesignCharming Apartment Interior Contemporary Design

Designed by Italian architect Daniel Gertrude, this charming apartment interior based successfully presenting contemporary design idea for an apartment interior renovation.  Actually this contemporary apartment interior just only 60 square meters, that’s meaning is not large enough, but the architect was successfully made the apartment interior look larger then actually. Modern apartment interior decoration has been selected to make it work, but it contrast to apartment exterior which still in classic design. Yes, it is a classic apartment architecture which the apartment interior was renovated with modern contemporary design. The apartment is part of great historical value, declared in 2008 by the Regional Council of “significant public interest.”
Small apartment interior but has multi function as sweet home living. Apartment building has a complex of small rooms, accessible by several yards to defense history value and internal typological division has been maintained, but tried to give the flat a unifying and contemporary.”
The objective to make modern contemporary apartment interior has been achieved through careful selection of furnishings and finishes. The table Vidun De Padova, who reigns at the center of the main, can be adjusted in height. In the various rooms, there are the Vitra Panton chairs in the living room while the sitting area is bordered by large sofa bed in black vinyl.

Modern Mandarin Oriental Chinese Feng Shui Interior Design Idea

Today lot of people looking for oriental interior design, they try to search the Chinese interior design with a specific keyword through Google search engine such as modern Chinese interior design, Feng Shui interior design, mandarin interior design and modern oriental interior design. The oriental interior design become a popular interior design in any country around the world because its flexibility applying to any house design concept. The attracting part in Chinese interior design is a Feng Shui, Feng Shui traditional passion for Chinese people which believed can bring health, wealth, and love to their life.
If you are looking for mandarin interior design idea here we have some modern Chinese interior design example that can be use as you reference when you want to build modern oriental interior design inside your home. All oriental interior design pictures at this article mostly design with modern interior concept and of course Feng Shui interior design concept which believe will bring a prosperity to the house.  If you are look carefully to some Chinese interior design picture bellow, the design mostly placing doors and furniture in a specific way,  so that the negative energy cannot pass through or at least would not hit people directly but be reflected by the mirrors, plants, flowers and other decorative elements. Happy watching!

Modern Contemporary Duplex Design Open Space Interior Plan

Interior radical restructuring, aimed reducing separations between the light environments to enhance the unique and unrepeatable interior design. The open space interior plan picture that you see is an architecture creation by led by Frank Varini and Umberto La Caprara architect on modern duplex in the Dorsoduro district, Italy.  With a large terrace design and supported by amazing views from many towers at Dorsoduro town this contemporary duplex design promises comfortable living style.
Open space interior plan inside this contemporary duplex was filled by selected furnishing which designed meet the duplex interior needs to become a beautiful modern open concept interior design. From classic Tulip table by Eero Saarinen, elegant chairs furniture by Arne Jacobsen, iconic pieces of Nordic design are combined with products Made in Italy,  Afra and Tobia Scarpa Murano glass collection, has been selected by this duplex interior designer to regenerate open plan interior design. The furniture selection is very accurate and also the choice was representing the art works.
In order to obtain flow and communication between the spaces, some walls were demolished to achieve an open space interior concept. Resin floor gray and white walls completely replaced the old upholstery and Palladian floor to giving the duplex interior design a new radiance and contemporary accent which contrast with the duplex exterior design. A raw iron staircase which one can see the colors of living, leading to the master bedroom and  40 square meters terrace area where you can enjoy an incredible 360 degree views over the city.-via-