Saturday, February 19, 2011

Mountain Cabin Design

Mountain Cabin Design – Concrete and Wood Architecture

Perched high up in the Swiss Alps, this mountain cabin design by architecture firm Drexler Guinand Jauslin is the essence of the “mountain chalet.” We particularly love its rustic, timber exterior and steeply pitched, shingled tin roof peeking over the snow-covered hillside. Inspired by traditional countryside houses and stables, this structure works with its village setting but still boasts lots of contemporary touches that bring it into the modern era. The cabin was visually broken up using contrasting materials – a band of concrete encircling the base, with a wood-clad upper floor. Flavoring this conventional “village-style” cabin with some modern flair, the architects incorporated lots of large, double-glazed windows stretching right up to the roofline, providing a prime vantage point to take in the breathtaking vistas. The interior open-concept layout lets the residents enjoy the view from any point in the cabin, which serves as a
weekend family getaway

Rustic Mountain Architecture in Swiss Alps

It’s almost as though this cliff-side house in Chamoson, Switzerland was built right into the landscape, melting into the rocky mountain surroundings with its jagged stone exterior and rustic features. Architect Lawrence Savioz, who headed this home renovation, made it a priority to retain that "rustic mountain architecture" feel with the structure’s original stone facade and windows (circa 1814), which are “country” both in their look and feel. But new elements too set the tone for this modern mountain home, including a brand new living area, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, paint shop and gallery space. The structure’s three volumes lend themselves to separate living and working spaces, and in line with the exterior aesthetic, boast an unrefined, down-to-earth look of raw mineral materials such as natural stone and exposed concrete. The large windows frame the gorgeous mountain vistas

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