Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Home Inside of A Home

This is the story of a home inside of a home: Once upon a time a banker and an antique book collector bought a piece of land where sat a lonely, yellow abode. The new owners began stripping away the yellow paint as their first task, which revealed to their great surprise some ancient and valuable Vilnius bricks. They also discovered that originally, this little building was a cannon foundry. Because of the significant historical value, they decided to completely restore the old building and bring it back to life. Enter Architectural Bureau G.Natkevicius & Partners. Because it was a little too small for the dwelling they had in mind, they decided to also build a home around it, made of mostly glass, to show off and protect their prize, which also provided them with amazing 360 degree views of the fantastic landscape. They attached a wonderful staircase to the outer part of the old building to access the new levels they’d created. The result of their creativity, planning and hard work, was a stylish modern home with a rustic inner flair. And that is the story of a home inside of a home, in which they probably will live happily ever after.
Photo credit: R.Urbakavicius
via ArchDaily

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