Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Charming Apartment Interior Contemporary DesignCharming Apartment Interior Contemporary Design

Designed by Italian architect Daniel Gertrude, this charming apartment interior based successfully presenting contemporary design idea for an apartment interior renovation.  Actually this contemporary apartment interior just only 60 square meters, that’s meaning is not large enough, but the architect was successfully made the apartment interior look larger then actually. Modern apartment interior decoration has been selected to make it work, but it contrast to apartment exterior which still in classic design. Yes, it is a classic apartment architecture which the apartment interior was renovated with modern contemporary design. The apartment is part of great historical value, declared in 2008 by the Regional Council of “significant public interest.”
Small apartment interior but has multi function as sweet home living. Apartment building has a complex of small rooms, accessible by several yards to defense history value and internal typological division has been maintained, but tried to give the flat a unifying and contemporary.”
The objective to make modern contemporary apartment interior has been achieved through careful selection of furnishings and finishes. The table Vidun De Padova, who reigns at the center of the main, can be adjusted in height. In the various rooms, there are the Vitra Panton chairs in the living room while the sitting area is bordered by large sofa bed in black vinyl.

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