Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beautiful House Design Surrounded by Nature Landscape

House surrounded by nature landscape is a dream of every person. The large house with an attractive design and has beautiful furniture. House surrounded by nature will make the residents feel comfort and healthy because it is far from the bustle of the city and traffic noise. Each time they can breathe fresh air and a good place to entertain guests, friends, and gathered with brothers.
This dream house is designed by Dane Design Australia. Realize their brilliant ideas into a house located in the middle of the nature landscape. They provide plenty of space to gather with family, friends, or guests. There are many interesting things in this home like the front of the house is very interesting and impressive; using a combination of stone, glass, and wood adds beauty of the house, a large glass linking between the atmosphere in the house and outside the house, as well as a bonfire outside the house to enjoy the beautiful night.

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