Saturday, February 19, 2011


Light Color Architecture Makes the Old New Again

Denmark-based Norm Architects recently took some big steps forward with this inspiring light color architecture, located north of Copenhagen. This contemporary slope house is situated on five small plateaus connected by steps, merging the structure with the surrounding landscape. Clearly inspired by mountain architecture, this hillside home boasts a series of raised and dropped levels that follow the lay of the land while creating some separation between the home’s various zones. The main entrance is the home’s highest point, leading you down into three plateaus housing the living room, master bedroom, the kitchen, and the dining area and bathroom (the home’s lowest point), all enjoying an open-concept flow while maintaining a sense of privacy. Minimalist interiors are cool and contemporary featuring a palette of white and neutrals, right down to the light-colored wood floors and exposed brick walls. Glass walls and sliding glass doors wash the space with natural light.

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