Saturday, February 19, 2011

Comfortable Home Design - warm and modern, DIY by Michael Parks

warm and modern, DIY by Michael Parks

This comfortable home design is a lesson in modern architecture – sleek, open, airy and inviting. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls have a hand in the home’s minimalist interiors – a perfect complement to the surrounding natural views. Stand-out exterior features include metal detail, the wood-trellised box-framed window, and the sustainably-harvested exterior wood facade, adding warmth to the cool, concrete monolith. Multiple balconies and outdoor entertaining areas complete the alfresco living experience. Indoors, the house is modern, but cool and comfortable. Bold geometry lends itself well to the open-concept main floor, lined with glass walls overlooking the lush, leafy hillside. Of particular interest is that the owner of this magnificent house, Michael Parks had no formal architectural or design training yet led this project. “I decided to explore the possibility of using my love of architecture and my creative, budgeting and project management skills from TV and film producing to try and do it myself,” Parks said. “There is a story for every square inch of the house.” And thus Parks’ dream home took shape. He said, “I heard a quote once: ‘There's how we live and that is food, clothing and shelter. And then there is why we live... and that's called art.’ The goal was to create a house in which we were surrounded, inside and out, by warm, modern architecture that is art, but could be lived in comfortably.” To check out more photos,

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